Sustainable. Durable. Weatherproof.

All our packs are made from three main fabrics each with it's own unique qualities. Carefully combined, they provide the style, durability, and protection we all so desperately seek. All that, while keeping the environmental impact exceptionally low.

Awning Fabric

These are the centre piece of our design and give each pack its unique look. Awning and marquee fabrics are produced in larger panels than usual as they
need to cover an enormous amount of surface. So naturally, there is a substantial amount of fabric lost that just does not make up a whole awning. At
FRAGILE we give these cut-offs a new life.

Designed to withstand storm, sun and rain marquees are made from polyacrylic threads. As these are spun-dyed before being weaved the fabric is highly
UV-resistant and true to colour. Additionally, the enormous mechanic forces marquees must withstand in the wind make awnings extremely durable. Being
highly water resistant the outer shell of our packs provides a first barrier for water when riding in heavy rain.

Nylon Liner

To provide maximum water protection possible all of our packs are lined with a 210D PU-coated nylon fabric weighting 130g/m². The PU-coating is completely waterproof and the fabric itself is durable enough to withstand everything you might throw at it on the trail.

Colored in Hi-Viz yellow the liner not only serves to protect your valuables. It also helps tremendously in organising the inside of your pack and keeps you from getting lost in the organized chaos.


Ubiquitous in outdoor sports Cordura is the gold standard in terms of abrasion resistance and durability. However, impacted by UV-light it changes colour and become pale over time.

1000D Cordura is used in strategic parts where abrasion resistance is absolutely vital. For instance, the contact points to the frame or the bottom of our Everywhere Bag.

Straps, Buckles, HDPE, Foam and other fun Stuff.

Obviously, it takes a lot more than three fabrics to make a bag. For every component we choose the highest quality available. For instance, we use only YKK Zippers and polyamid instead of polypropelyn straps

Additionally, we try to keep the environmental impact as low as possible and choose ecoTeX certified components whenever possible.