We all are fragile.
And the insides of our cycling packs are the living proof of this. What we carry on our adventures is nothing less than accounting for the fragility of our bodies, minds, and selves. We pack shelter to protect us from the elements. We carry food to prevent the weakening of our bodies. We bring clothes to keep us warm and a book, a cuddle toy, or a camera to keep us company.

Adventureriding is exhausting. Physically and mentally. And we fill our packs to prepare us for
it. In turn, the better we know our needs and fragilities the better we account for them the more we can explore of ourselves and the world surrounding us.

In cycling and adventuring we are not only trying to protect and prepare us. We also embrace
and seek situations that expose us. Life is a balance continually conquered. Recognizing and accounting for our fragility is what gives us strength. And
meeting fragility with strength is becoming self-recognition.

Embracing fragility is not only what drives ourselves. It also provides the path in building a
community that respects and provides space for all our histories and needs. Recognizing our weaknesses, recognizing our dependencies and solidarities and we will gain in strength. Because at the end of the day we all rely on each other as we live, ride and venture in a fragile manner. With no guarantees.

Five guiding pinciples.

1. Fragile is for people who want to build a new and better community.

2. Fragile breaks with the conventions of cycling.

3. Fragile is about exploring not conquering.

4. You don’t owe the bags anything. Whatever you want to do with them is fine.

5. To talk about fragility is political.

About the Builder

Hi, I'm Oli and I stitch all bags in my little studio in Cologne. I was riding a bike before I could walk properly and have been ever since.

With FRAGILE I not only aim to sell bags. I also want to play my part in building a better and more inclusive cycling community.